Alacati Slalom World Cup 2014

Antoine Questel Alacati 2014

The fourth stage of the World Cup in Turkey on the spot Alacati took place from August 26 to 31. The wind conditions were favorable to run 9 races! It is generally a good event for me but unfortunately I didn’t realize my goals this year. The level is very high and every mystake is costly . I’m satisfied with the manner I approached each race. But, with the rule « No rules », sometimes some competitors could have « suicidal » behavior on the marks. This was unfortunately what happened to me three times in 3 quarterfinals !! It maked me lose the qualification to the next round. The first race, a competitor put his board  on the nose of my board in a jibe’s entry, which completely stops my speed and the other 2 times, someone crashed me! 

Apart from these incidents, which cost me a much better result, I nevertheless made great things, in particular good starts on each heat. My settings encountered problems early in the season have improved but there is still some work to increase my speed before the next stage.

Finally, I finished 14th of my Turkish stage!

The fifth worldcup stage will take place in Sylt, Germany, in late of September and I still can up in the ranking and get closer to the top 15 … remains 3 steps, anything is possible …

Antoine Questel Alacati 2014

Antoine Questel Alacati 2014



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