Fuerteventura slalom World Cup 2014

Antoine Questel Fuerteventura 2014The third stage of the circuit Slalom PWA World Cup on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary has just ended. Five days of racing, 8 races were sailed in light wind conditions for this destination and especially at this time, between 15 and 25 knots.  Lire la suite »

Coupe du Monde Fuerteventura

Antoine Questel Fuerteventura 2014La 3ème étape du circuit coupe du Monde slalom PWA sur l’île de Fuerteventura dans les Canaries vient tout juste de se terminer. Sur un total de 5 jours de courses, 8 manches ont été disputées dans des conditions de vent plutôt light pour cette destination et surtout à cette période, entre 15 et 25 nœuds. Lire la suite »

Slalom World Cup Turkmenistan

Antoine Questel Turkménistan 2014Last week, the second step of Slalom World Cup PWA was in Turkmenistan. It was the first time we went to the Awaza spot. Concerning organization, nothing to say! We even had the presence of the President of the Republic a few hours before the opening ceremony! Organizers and residents had made ​​great efforts to welcome us in the best way it is. Unfortunately, sporty side, we did not have great weather to express themselves properly. Lire la suite »


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